The earth moving equipment sector has been the first approached and still is one of the most important. Very frequent stop-and-go, together solicitation deriving from loading operation, keeps succeeding in a continuous cycle and this is the reason why it is of the utmost importance that machineries have precise and comfortable breaking systems. We manufacture hydraulic brakes control devices for earth- moving, construction and special vehicles; master cylinders and power brake valves for service, parking and emergency brake; priority valves for optimised hydraulic circuit feed.

S6 Stackable

S6 E

Open centre circuit

Closed centre circuit (Load sensing)

Master Cylinders with booster

Master Cylinders without booster

Park brake lever standard

Park brake lever provided with unlocking hydraulic device

Simple effect cylinder

SAHR cylinder (spring applied hydraulic release)

SAHR cylinder (spring applied hydraulic release)


Pressure reducing valve

Priority Valve

Electric valve

Integrated Manifold