The material handling sectors consists of a group of working machineries implied in heavy-duty loads and materials moving. The operators must have an accurate control of the vehicles during the whole working operations and under different load conditions.
Our braking control systems respond to all the specific characteristics of each machines preserving comfort and safety.
Hydraulic brake devices for forklifts, airport equipment, tele-handlers and road-sweepers.

S6 Stackable

S6 E

Open centre circuit

Closed centre circuit (Load sensing)

Master Cylinders with booster

Master Cylinders without booster

Trailer brake valve single-line “Italian type”

Trailer brake valve single-line system “French type”

Trailer brake valve dual-line system “European type”

Park brake lever standard

Park brake lever provided with unlocking hydraulic device

Simple effect cylinder

SAHR cylinder (spring applied hydraulic release)

SAHR cylinder (spring applied hydraulic release)


Pressure reducing valve

Priority Valve

Electric valve

Integrated Manifold