Safim stands like a partner for its clients since the very beginning, studying and designing the most suitable, effective and up-to-date solutions complying with the rules in force.

This has been the case we managed at Farmtech d.o.o.. The compnay is located in Slovenia and they supply domestic as well as foreign markets, providing their customers with trailers, tippers and dump trippers among the products for the agri-forestal sector.

The client needed to equippe and homologate a dual line braking system, easy to fit and with the utmost compatibility with dual line tractors.

Pursuant to an attentive study of the customer requirements, Safim could define the correct technical solution, make the brake performance calculation by means of a propietary software, define the components necessary to the system, make the training to the personnel on site and make the finale tests for the homologation activity.

As a result, the customer had the homologation on the system, and they said to be very saatisfied with the job done.

Here are some of the moment during the validation day.

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