School-work alternation is an opportunity that allows students to be able to experience a real working situation, thus being able to meet business, production and company structure dynamics in their daily lives beforehand.

This type of approach, allows companies to train personnel who, after completing their studies, can be placed in the company having the advantage of already knowing its dynamics and specific aspects, as well as the possibility of being able to get new inspiration for innovations and brand-new ideas.

In Safim in 2022, we set a year-long collaboration up with ITS-Maker institute and we have recently concluded one of the two active internships with Yassin, a young worker who, after an initial work experience, resumed his studies through ITS Maker.

We asked Yassin for a brief interview at the end of his experience in Safim where he was placed in the logistics department and where the manager of reported an extremely positive opinion at the conclusion of the training course.

The interview follows below.

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