The moment of sanitary emergency involving the population on a global scale, health and safety is a very sensitive issue, especially in companies like ours, which by government decree, will continue to work.

This is not only a matter of respect for government authority, it is first of all a matter of responsibility of people who guide other people.

In safim we do care about the health and the safety of all employees. We believe that individual safety devices, which are certified and are specifically designed for this purpose, have always been of primary importance. Today even more so.

Also on this occasion, and right from the first moment, all preventive measures to limit to the maximum possible contagion situations, we actuated all directives precribed: smart working, wider productive spaces, protective masks, sanitizing gel, specific information to employees and a careful sanitization, in every productive or business environment, realized by specialized company and carried out in absence of personnel on site.

In safim we believe in the value of people and that is why we protect them.

Together! #distantbuttogether not to stop, but to keep safe!

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