Last March 2020 the ANSI-ASABE published a new document presenting the new standards concerning the braking systems for agricultural vehicles.

The ASABE is a professional and technical organization dedicated to the advancement of the engineering applicable to agricultural, food and biological systems whose scope is to give suggestions for the improvements of the standards adopted in that sectors.

The latest indications given are the result of the cooperation between AEM-Association of Equipment Manufacturers, FEMA-Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association and the members of AMC- Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada and are of course beneficial for all operators of the sector.

The guidelines published mainly deal with, and quite substantially, the adoption of the dual-line braking. Such indications really represent a step closer of the American standards to the European standards ruled by the EU2015/68.

The entire documents is available upon payment on the ASABE site (view link below), remarkable attention is brought on the new safety standards for the agricultural vehicles braking systems, whenever they are tractor or towed ones, further to give the minimum performance criteria to the service brake, the emergency brake and the parking brake as well.

Safim is already active on this matter since time, both for design and manufacturing of hydraulic brake systems and for all the components meant to equip new vehicles and eventually adapt those already working on fields; so far the company is able to grant all the standards required by the American market.

As important component to meet the new standards for the dual-line braking system, on top of towing vehicles, our TBU valve allows the management of the two different hydraulic lines and all the related safety functions, such as the automatic brake of the towed vehicle in event of disconnection from the tractor.

Being very attentive to the safety of the operators and being a forerunner of advanced engineered solutions, Safim to realized a “Dual-line joint” for towed vehicles too. One of the major advantages of having a unique component is that of avoiding any eventual error while coupling the different hydraulic lines.

To learn more about the different dual-line braking systems and its components, Safim is at complete disposals with a dedicated team for design and technical support.


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