Managing the connection between tractor and trailer equipped with dual hydraulic line braking systems is anything but trivial as it affects safety, but also the environment. Safim has created a single device, in compliance with the standards requirements, which avoids any risk deriving both from a wrong connection and from possible leakage of pollutant material in case of accident.

The connection between tractor and trailer is usually carried out by using two joints, which must comply with ISO 5676 and ISO 16028 standards. Using two different couplings means the operator carries out two different operations, thus raising the possibility of incurring in connection errors and operating anomalies.

The component has an ergonomic and simple structure, the coupling to the respective CL and SL lines is not interchangeable, moreover it is not possible to accidentally forget to connect one of the two hydraulic lines generating potential problems of trailer movement, braking and safety.

The body of the coupling is equipped with a slide plate with a sliding and rotating movement that allows the safe and effortless coupling of both lines. The uncoupling operation is also simple and intuitive.

Of course, Safim further to create a single part has also added a safety aspect tied to emergency braking. In fact, by adopting Safim’s connector, in case of accident, a cable allows the detachment of the trailer by activating the emergency braking, at the same time this avoids oil spilling on the ground, preserving also the environmental aspect.

Here below a small video showing the coupling and uncoupling action.

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